Natives Discover Base-Camp — Exciting Possibilities?

I’ve become sloppy. My other daring adventures have led to the disclosure of my expeditionary base-camp where the Exploratory is! If a native were to gain access, well, lets just say they might melt with information. I’M NOT KIDDING! NO? Yes! Anyway, back to the really juice of the matter:

There is a man called ‘Stevie’ (pg.632–712) — interesting fellow. I’ve kept track of his notes before. Amongst the information maze of this clever confusing contraption; ‘the internet’. Being used right now! It is how I communicate to you my fellow reader. Stevie is a complex man (pg.643–643.1), and he is certainly onto something… He is a, what the terminology knows for somebody who spends their time tapping onto electrical sensors imparting from it symbols onto screen, much like what I am doing now… the term has escaped me… Anyway! He has, blasted fellow, within this year released an article of dangerous consequence; I must now begin to move my base-camp to a new location. Breaking my own ‘EXPLORERS CODE’ to you (r. 3(1)) “not to expose my base-camp to natives” — referred to you in this articles bibliography is the natives findings of my (now moved) base-camp (2020, Foray, S.T. S.) — for academic rigour you understand.

Despite the exposure this might prove to be an opportunity. Upon moving the Exploratory I shall remain in the overgrowth, a stones throw away, binoculars at hand and video recorder live (not actually live — like the great swamp drones of Dun Dri Dah) (pg.203–205) and observe the imminent return of this curious native. It will be thrilling to find out what he’ll do next. If I had no clue of this man’s pokery poor fool would have had no idea what he would be getting himself into. The finding of all kinds of fascinating creatures — including the ‘Coo-ra-tah-rama-bark’ (but this is a an article deserving of its own repertoire of content and detail — for now though my dearest reader I must part ways and continue the exploration. An exploration that never ends, nor did it ever begin — I shouldn’t of mentioned that! Is this still in brackets!).




That is, Major Franklin Bombus, I’ve earned the stars.

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