The Discovery of Isolation!

Franklin Bombus
3 min readNov 16, 2020
It’s me! Trapped! In the Land of Dreams!

Listen here! Let me tell you! A discovery is on the horizon! Of new worlds and lands to explore! Hmph! This is a NEW BEGINNING, a NEW DAWN of EXPLORATION! As if time travel it were, the situations of before have beckoned me here to ask you a request of some magnitude! That’s right! Magnification! Can you believe it?! Well, for the unruly kind, not at all, you’ve known this lot for a long time… But can you tell what sort of quest I am on? Not at all! As this latest adventure draws upon the very spirit I hope to allude. What is that precisely? I mean really, can I honestly say? No. My burden is heavy — maybe it is my hand’s wary with overuse, by the scuffling of plant-life poking of interesting animals. The joys of discovery have grown me concerned of my physic. But I am not down! Ah HAH! NO! Yes?

Nothing, it seems will stop a journey. Nor the stories, and stories stick to you (and I, Sir Maj. Franklin Bombus) like the Aquae-Toads of North Courziel, a magical place that few have witnessed its regular evaporations. THAT’S RIGHT, LIQUID LIFEFORMS!!! Can you believe it?

At any rate, as the philosophers of Fumbleland prophetised the civilisations of ancient and upon us, speak of a ways forward. A ways forwards to heed the call of — what? Is it that they tell us stories of dismal grounds — of course they do. What do we bring as a solution to such a conundrum, whilst Vega swims in entropy? The darkness of the Universe — I admit my previous thankless position as a tragic end. But to find myself here, well, that, my dearest reader, touches the soul of all the adventures in existence.

Let me tell you something. Despite the unveiling of my exploratory, the dispatching of my expedition, as jolly as it was — I’ve come across a most peculiar setting. One which cannot be ignored any longer. A home-calling as it were, I hear it in the distance of mountainous stretches, the talk between the native creatures I meet — handsome and beautiful, ugly and pathetic. But as a dutiful servant to my mission, flirtations of distraction must be ignored such as the whining calls of the Blue Flit. Those sick birds cannot tell you what you need to know… believe me, I’ve tried!

But I think I’m nearing upon it! Happiness! It might be the best answer, so where‘s it’s key, contentment? I’ve searched the jungle of Informative Togetherness, the customer service desk proved fruitless! So through the branches of trees and the mud on my feet, I trudge inseparably towards a different sign ‘EXIT’. I daren’t travel too fast, nor too slow. It must be accordingly to the rhythms of my stride upon the footsteps of discovery! But unlike the discoveries of the past, of empty, it must be a discovery of kindness. But what is this, and where do we start?

Dearest reader I must be brief, for the magnetic-phonetics are sliding in any minute now, WATCH OUT!!! You who are reading this right now, that’s right! RIGHT NOW! Makes you especially special — not in a lovey-duby sort of way… PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! But as a journey’s companion, I’ll tell you — you should not impart your ability to be an adventurous soul… OH GOSH!!! Can you hear that! These CREATURES OF SHADOWS, they’re upon the feeble linings of the tent! GET AWAY! SHOO!

Listen — you must help me! I’ve been trapped in the Land of Dreams for some time now! Look to the avenues of the west at first light, do not guide yourself east towards Old Habitual Bay, listen to the calls around you, what do they say?! More importantly, for your safety onboard, have you any idea where the time crystals are located?!? Look at yourself! Use your abilities to traverse the landscape that drives you to the glowing of NEW DISCOVERIES!!!

OH NO!!! THE SHADOWY ONES, THEY’RE BREACHING THE TENT! GET AWAY YOU SCOUNDRELS!!! AHHH! ARGGHHHHH!!! 01000001 01000001 01010010 01010010 01010010 01010010 01010010 01010010 01010010 01010010 01000111 01000111 01000111 01000111 01000111 01000111 01001000 01001000 01001000 01001000 01001000 01001000 01001000 01001000 01001000 00100001 00100001 00100001 00100001 00100001 00100001

Signing off,

Sir Maj. Franklin Bombus



Franklin Bombus

That is, Major Franklin Bombus, I’ve earned the stars.