The Newest of New Findings — Towards the Real Truth

Franklin Bombus
3 min readApr 3, 2020

I skirted over the rail and was shimmering the edges of the roof of the canopy encased within a giant glass prism. It was thrilling. The natives going about their craft-work looked at me perplexed. At least I believed it was perplexion. Sometimes the natives are hard to read — not something I was used to in my old preoccupation; stuck on the starboard bow, some probing metal of radio-waves — looking out at that blasted emptiness — the Cosmos, fetching nothing at all by the end… there was indeed very little exploration such as this (and WOAH! What a thrill I find myself in now). Ah YES! It is good to explore within — I’m exploring everyday now. But now. I feel I am on the verge of a major discovery, an exciting field of learning potential into the the very fabric of the essence of being. That’s right! VEGA! You must be switched on, or am I talking to myself again… That. Is not the question. AHA! Yes! No?

Well, you must be wondering, a-what what or a whattle what-what (depending on your state of mind). Well dear reader, the quest started where it started before. Some time ago, interestingly, I had stumbled upon a found a black artefact (or was it some time ahead of me but misguidedly I found it in the past). I thought to myself. GOSH! Could it be? Is this a homage to the Material World (that terribly confused vending machine (pg. 809–810))? Questions… until I found a ‘file’, a manuscript upon a device (hopefully I can upload it for all the world to see, no, the universe(s))! For what I am using, for now, is an electronic device, if I am reaching you properly, which I assure you, I hope I am; to gaze your attention to these elemental parts you are witnessing this very moment. Screens. YES! Flat screens! Can you imagine? And, like screens I present to you my latest findings (see figure 1 & figure 2).

Figure 1 (left) and figure 2 (right)

A dead-end, maybe but YES! As you can see the formation of the artefact is arranged into a U-shape, suggesting the predominance of the letter vowel U into the scriptures. Referring to other sources towards the translations (§§43–53, pp. 269–314) I include a very early example of this use of the U from the reign of Garnook II (0. Kribel Inv.12202, §43, pp. 269–272), a Universalist ostracon (0. IFAO Inv. 2181, §53b. pp.311–314) and a graffito from the temple of U at Zeir Sol-Jarvii, dating from a different period (§52 Xeir U-versol n. 2, pp. 307–310). In §45 (Uni of Valsium, Yurin U. 50059), I. 13–14 of the present text (I. 9 of original), — zxvk? !v>U<, is translated as “Call (me) Mr. Universalist”. Surely this is now “Do not call (me)… “.

I must let those ‘Friends of Vega’; a maddening bunch of nut-cases from Earth, who will surely come to know of this. They have been using the wrong signifer for years. If only there was a way to reach them — this is for another time, another expedition must be planned. As my former avenues for contacting those confused souls and yes! YOU, my dear readers, had gotten itself misplaced by a figure who goes by the alias Oliverus Garf, this person has guided me to this very place, from a previous endeavour. Since, my journeys travel-updates have been severed but the ‘Friends of Vega’ continue to regularly spout their ill evidenced nonsensical messages (see: Perhaps this is enough for now. I need only to suggest of its existence. Goodbye fellow reader, goodbye for now. And remember — watch yourself, will you!

Sir. Maj. F.B



Franklin Bombus

That is, Major Franklin Bombus, I’ve earned the stars.